Multi Store Solution - Multi User- Multi Store Order Management Tool

Multi Store Solution

Key Features

Efficient Store Administration

Seamlessly handle multiple stores through a unified dashboard. Employ a centralized database to allocate products, promotions, discounts, deliveries, and payment gateways to diverse sub-stores.

Tailored Catalog Display

Present specific catalogs for each store to target distinct customer segments. Allocate different products effortlessly to each storefront by selecting and adding items to the store inventory.

Exclusive Store Discounts

Capture a wider audience with exclusive store-specific discounts. Easily configure and monitor distinct discounts for each store, enabling the identification of the most lucrative marketing mix.

Effective Communication and Marketing

Enhance customer engagement with built-in WhatsApp features. Implement SEO tools to optimize your online presence and marketing strategies for increased visibility and business growth.

Secured Operations via Role-Based Access

Enhance security with role-based access controls.Ensure proper permissions are assigned to respective employees, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining operational precision.

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